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Go Lefts billede.

Go Lefts billede.

Go Lefts billede.

Go Lefts billede.

Go Lefts billede.

Go Lefts billede.

Fra Fra go left everyone

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself” / Albert Einstein

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” / Albert Einstein

“You never fail until you stop trying” / Albert Einstein

“The only sure way to avoid making mistakes is to have no new ideas” / Albert Einstein

“I never think of the future – it comes soon enough” / Albert Einstein

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking” / Albert Einstein

“Imagination is the highest form of research” / Albert Einstein

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” / Albert Einstein

“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible” / Albert Einstein

“Student is not a container you have to fill but a torch you have to light up” /Albert Einstein

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information” /Albert Einstein

“Nothing happens without something moves…” / Albert Einstein

“Hvis du taler til en mand i et sprog, han forstår, går det til hans hoved. Hvis du taler til ham på hans sprog, går det til hans hjerte” / Nelson Mandela

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” / Michael J. Fox



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